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FHA Programs


FHA 203 (b)

  • This is the most popular fixed rate FHA home loan program which is federally insured and allows individuals to finance up to 97% of the loan-to-value. The FHA program is designed to allow borrowers the opportunity of home ownership with very little down payment, adverse credit issues or no credit at all. This FHA program is ideal for first-time home buyers. In addition, the FHA 203 (b) loan calls for Mortgage Insurance (MI), which is a premium insurance paid either at closing, or through the APR. 
  • Only 3.5% down payment
  • Up to 6% Seller Concessions

FHA Access Down Payment Assistance Program (Income Restrictions Apply)

  • Only 1/2% down payment
  • 2nd mortgage of up to 3% of either lower of the sales price or appraised value
    • May be used for:
      • Down Payment Assistance (Borrower Equity Contribution)
      • Closing Costs
      • Price Adjustments
      • Up-front mortgage insurance premium
      • Not limited to first-time buyers


  • Also referred to as Section 251 this loan programs allows moderate income families to qualify for a home loan with a substantially lower interest rate. The benefit to borrowers under this program is home ownership is possible with the introductory interest rate.  Borrowers must live in the property and this loan also calls for MI. 


Graduated Payment Mortgage

  • The GPM is a loan program designed for low to moderate income families that expect incomes to increase substantially over the next 5 years. Also referred as Section 245, this program allows borrowers to pay a reduced monthly mortgage payment. However, the borrower should keep in mind that the payment will gradually increase significantly, depending on the payment plan selected. 


Energy Efficient FHA 

  • The Energy Efficient Mortgage Loan program is available to anyone who meets the income requirements for FHA's Section 203(b) and is able to make the monthly mortgage payments. Energy Efficient Mortgages can be used to make energy-efficient improvements in one- or two-unit existing and new homes. The improvements can be included in a borrower's mortgage only if their total cost is less than the total dollar value of the energy that will be saved during their useful life. The cost of the improvements that may be eligible for financing as part of the mortgage is either 5 percent of the property's value (not to exceed $8,000) or $4,000, whichever is greater. 

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